Monday, November 21, 2011

For Someone Berry Special

Here's something I made for my berry special friend.  We've known each other since high school and that's a berry, berry long time.  The year I moved into the first place of my own I found a pattern to make a fabric cornucopia filled with stuffed vegetables and fruits.  One of the pieces was a strawberry and that pattern was so simple I decided to make a bunch of them to decorate my Christmas tree.  When Aguas (her maiden name was Waters and that's what she was called in high school and forever after) saw them, she liked them a lot and thought they'd be cute presents.  So we went into production and made hundreds of them and filled all kinds of jars and baskets with them.  Ever since then just about every present we've given each other has something to do with berries. 

I found the pattern for this tote bag in "Let's Do Lunch" by Atkinson Designs.  It works up very quickly, if you're obsessive you can complete it in a couple hours (don't ask me how I know).  The "K" is from a sample from a Martha Stewart monogram set that was included with my sewing machine.  It's amazing to watch this machine embroider. 

The flamingo (from a Cactus Punch set)didn't photograph well.  I tried him out on a pair of shorts and it looks great, I should have tried to take a photo of that but instead I took this one which is on a towel.   Working on towels was one of the classes I had signed up for before I knew I was moving and it was a nice break to go out and play for a couple hours.

I've also been to a couple quilting classes but haven't finished up those projects.  So check back now and then, maybe I'll have time to work on them.  If you look for the label "quilt" you'll find it there.  So far there's only two items there but I'll be putting up more as time goes by.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you come back again.


  1. I love the tote & I'm sure your friend will too! The flamingo is adorable!!!

  2. cute tote!! love the berries!! I would call DIBS if you haven't already promised it to someone else!! ;)


  3. Chris, you are one talented lady! LOVE both of these projects!


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