Sunday, March 27, 2011


Can anybody help this non-techy type figure out what's going on with blogger.  This morning the post below this had 3 photos in it.  I was reading the comments and when I came back they were gone. 
I tried to edit them in but they disappeared again.
I tried to do a new post of the same material and the pics disappeared.  When I went to delete the post the pictures show at the bottom of the post and ask if I want to delete them but they no longer appear in the post where I positioned them.  I checked the original post and it's the same.
I looked at the help menu but don't understand any of the stuff that is in there.  can anybody explain in a non techy way how I can fix this?


  1. Chris, I wish I could help but I have no idea!

  2. I was just on the Pile it On blog (also with blogger) and it was having similar problems. Lots of text, but no photos. But, mine's just fine. Sorry I can't help any more than that. Good LUCK!!!


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