Sunday, August 2, 2009

What's Your Fantasy?

So what's your fantasy? Is it having 3 beautiful strangers in your bed? Well it's not mine but I got it none the less. I swear to you I have no idea who any of these women are, but that was my bed for the weekend while I was at the CKC convention in Valley Forge, PA and there are three women in it and I have no idea what their names are. So here's the scoop, me and the buds get to the hotel, miracle of miracle we made it in one piece and we didn't get lost but that's due to Ramona the GPS. We check in and Ei checks to make sure we got the adjoining rooms we requested. Julie the desk clerk says that they were not adjoining, Ei asks are they across the hall from each other, Julie says no. So Ei asks for rooms that are near to each other and Julie tells us that the only two rooms left that are next to each other are Fantasy Rooms. My slutty mind is off and running but Ei and Edna are asking questions that make sense. Edna wants to know what they look like, she's picturing disco balls and dance poles, and Julie whips out this huge freaking photo album of pictures of the Fantasy rooms. I'm on a whole different track (like I said slutty mind) from where these rooms went. The two that were left and next to each other were the Cleopatra Room and the Queen Room. These rooms normally go for over $300 a night but we could have the rooms for the same rate we paid for our other rooms. So being the whackos that we are, we take the rooms, which are on the fifteenth floor. The elevator only goes to the fourteenth floor and then you take the "private staircase" to the Fantasy Floor. "Private Staircase" is code for a staircase that was originally meant only to be used by the hired help to get to the utility stuff but later on when we figured out a way to make rooms without windows that we can charge mega bucks for it'll be a "private staircase" cause that sounds better than utility stairwell.
So we hook up with buddy Cyndy who has a normal room and hang out for awhile with her group, checking out all the fantastic stuff they got at the convention. We tell Cyndy she has to come up to check out our room. Don't tell her why just that she has to see it. So we all traipse up there and get a gander of the doors. I forgot to mention that Cyndy's hubbie is a Renaissance fair guy, when you walk into her house there's a full set of armor (that her hubbie made and wears) in the front hall. So basically the Elizabethan aka Queen Room really wasn't that far out to her. She's waiting for me to get her this pic, if I were her I wouldn't show it to hubbie unless she's ready for a weekend away with him. The rooms were a riot to us. The beds were up on platforms with mirrors on the ceilings and then whirlpool spas in the corners which have mirrored walls. YIKES! These rooms may be some one's idea of a fantasy but to us they were just a riot. Now where did these ladies come from? Sunday morning me and Mads are watching TV being goofy and laughing at some pretty funny videos and I hear a lot of laughing in the hall. So I decide I'm gonna go bust chops. I open the door and start telling these women that they got a lot nerve making so much noise and what's a girl gotta do to get some piece and quiet. Of course I can't get that out with a straight face and there's Edna and Eileen bs-ing with them and cracking up. These guys heard about the rooms and came up to check them out and of course we'll let them see our rooms and that's how I got three women who I have no idea who they are in my bed. Later on Eileen pointed out that these women were like our soul mates. Scarey thought but she was right.
What a fun weekend and we even learned a few new things. A perfect weekend for someone who's easily amused.
Did I mention what Maddy heard Ramona say? She heard "Make an illegal U-turn". (Yeah, we managed to get lost even with the GPS in the car and turned on). What Ramona did say was "When possible make a legal u-turn."
By the way if you're into the Renaissance fair I'll have something to post about that shortly, Cyndy's hubbie is working on one that will be in northwest NJ in mid September. It should be lots of fun and as soon as Cyndy sends the info I'll post it.

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