Friday, October 2, 2009

A Long Overdue Shout Out

I don't know where my mind has been but I have a long overdue shout out for Kim and her design team over at My Favorite Things. I've been participating in MFT challenges since before I started blogging. I've won a few of the challenges and have not thought to post a thank you here. Over on Splitcoast Stampers there are forums where you can chat about anything. There are several MFT threads and they can be fun, interesting and/or educational. At any given time you can be chatting with Kim, the owner, or any of the Sweet Sixteen Design team. They are all friendly and ready to help you with any questions or problems you have. It's over on the threads that the challenges are posted and the winners announced. I've been posting here with links to the challenges but I've forgotten to post a thank you here. Well I owe a thank you right now because last week I was nominated as the MVP and won a $20 gift voucher and this week I won another $20 voucher for the 100MFTSKETCHES challenge. If you've been following my blog you've seen lots of my entries for this challenge. It ended up that I finished 46 of the 100 sketches that the very talented Cindy Haffner and Frances Byrne created. Another MFTer, Bonnie, came close and now we have challenged each other to see who will finish the 100 sketches first. Now that's fun to me and I owe that to the MFT threads. I am very grateful to MFT for all the great friends I have made there and to Kim for her generosity. She treats her customers like family. I am absolutely positive that if you go visit My Favorite Things you will be glad you did. If you're over at Splitcoast go visit the MFT Forum, there's weekly challenges with gift voucher prizes AND they are planning a new REALLY BIG CHALLENGE. It'll be like the Idol challenges which were great fun and the winner recieved a gift voucher for $250 and two stampers were given Design Team positions. This new challenge is going to be even bigger. It's gonna be a lot of fun. I can't wait.

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  1. Good Karma Chris! You definitely gave MFT their props! Congrats on all your wins!


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