Friday, October 2, 2009

You Got a Pizza...

but it's from the Isle of Man. My husband called me at work for no particular reason. He told me the kind of stuff that married people yak about that no one else would be interested in and then he told me I got a package from the Isle of Man. Now isn't the package the thing you would have told me first? Well I guess that's part of the men are from Mars stuff.

I am very, very happy to say that the pizza is my prize from the Craft Emporium for winning a challenge on Tuesday Taggers. I think this prize was awarded by random generator so no matter what your skill level is you should visit Tuesday Taggers and play along with the challenge. This week your project just has to have a tree on it. How hard is that to do? Who knows you could win a prize. The Craft Emporium sponsored the challenge the week I won and they sent me "the Complete Paper Crafting Kit - the Boyfriend" by Cosmo Cricket and who doesn't love Cosmo Cricket. I have had my eye on some of those papers for awhile.

So a big thank you to The Craft Emporium and Tuesday Taggers. I love my prize and the brain is already thinking about how I'm going to use it.


  1. Hi Chris
    Glad it arrived ok - enjoy !!
    (Isle of Man lol !)

  2. Congratulations Chris! Love Cosmo Cricket - I want to see your prize!


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