Thursday, October 29, 2009

So You Think You Can Stamp- Week 4

My Favorite Things -Week 4 of the So You Think You Can Stamp contest and this week's dance is Hip Hop. Yikes. I'm not that up on Hip Hop so I spent about an hour doing searches on Hip Hop music and fashions. The things that stood out for me were: urban, bling, flourishes and graffiti.'s basically a walk down Broad Street at lunchtime.
So I took the cityscape from the Goin' Places set, drew a little graffiti on the the building and combined it with the Heartbreaker stamp. She looks hip and young to me. The bling is from Prima, the paper is Basic Grey Two Scoops.
One of my buddies noted that I haven't posted in couple days. I'm still working on cards and crafts but I've been pretty tired afterward and haven't had the energy to put anything up here. So maybe in a couple days I'll have a few things that have been sitting in my camera.
Thanks to my buddies for checking up and in on me and thanks to everyone who cares enough just to see what's new here.

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