Saturday, September 5, 2009

Design Team Call

In my browsing I found a Design Team Call. It's for the Pixie Cottage, it is a cutsie and whimsical place to be. Go take a look, it's fun over there. I'll still be here when you're done. There are lots of fun products for sale (think stamps, paper and embellies, oh my! Did you just hear Judy Garland?)) and I think it would be great to work with them. What they think is a totally different story and as usual there are only a few spots open. So my dear followers, when you read this think some positive thoughts for me, and who knows maybe this time I'll be lucky (did I just hear Liza Minelli? - ask your mother, if she saw the movie 'Cabaret" she can explain)
Hey, I can dream...
Funny, I just realized that the tangents that went off in my head were for a mother and daughter, that's probably only interesting to me but if you haven't heard it yet, I am easily amused.


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