Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Corner

This cozy corner is my favorite spot to hang out in the Poconos. The house is in a pine forest and there's no cable available. We once tried to get a dish but there was no place on our roof that could get reception. As much of a tv addict as I am I never minded. We do get a couple stations with poor reception and we have a DVD player which is enough for us. But when I'm there I usually go sit in this chair. It's in my bedroom and it's such a relaxing spot. I get a lot of reading done here but sometimes I just sit there and relax. When I look across the room from here I see another one of my paintings or I can look out the window at the woods. Sometimes there'll be deer in the yard and of course those are the woods where I found my dear little (did I say little, that sucker is huge, but he's a cutie pie) monster cat Shamus.

When we first got this place I sponged the back wall, it's starting to look a bit dated now, but I still like it. The quilt I made back in the 90's, the painting I call "Singing in the Rain" and I made it around 1984. I wish I had the time, space and physical strength to keep up with all my hobbies.

We (hubby, daughter and I) spent the night there with sister and brother-in-law Ellie and John. John is a workhorse and most of the time when he comes to visit he ends up doing a ton of chores for us. All he ever asks for in return is a cup of coffee, but it's gotta be good and strong coffee. But this visit was just a pop in and pop out. On our way home John and Ellie treated us to lunch at the Mount Airy Lodge casino. We had to have an "escort" take us to the buffet because Liddy was underage, in Vegas they never stopped us (they did kick us out of the Stratosphere, but that's another story). I must say that the buffet was really good. The only other thing I can say about the place is that they had a virtual croupier for roulette. I didn't see much else since the escort was determined to keep us off the floor. Ellie and John stayed behind so if they have any good stories to report back I'll let you all know.

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